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You’d have to live in a locked basement to not have noticed the obnoxious amount of political piggybacking the past few months.  SNL is making a living out of it, and so is J. Crew.  So perhaps it’s not so strange that Ralph Lauren is also looking to leverage the political moment.

According to Plight of the Pumpernickel, Ralph Lauren has taken to advertising on political websites.  And apparently, the clothes they’re trying to peddle, don’t appeal to most voters.

“I know we’re on the brink of perhaps the most significant presidential election of my lifetime, but hot damn those are some ugly slacks!”

While we do understand the thinking behind advertising on politically motivated sites, we’re going to have to agree with PoP on this one:

“While I’m all for personal expression, let’s consider this– how many heterosexual men (who aren’t dressed by their mothers) would be caught dead in a forest green wool turtleneck with the image of a horse and jockey emblazoned across the chest?”

Note: It’s unclear as to whether or not the Polo model is a member of The Capital Club.