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Penn State vs. Texas in the BCS Championship?  Learn Why Obama Had Deemed It So

Why would you take sporting advice from a politician?  Before this year, you probably wouldn’t.  Politicians, love them or hate them, only tell you what you want to hear, and most of the time, never deliver on any promises.

But what if you could take subliminal cues from “The One?”  And what if you were clever enough to read between the sports lines and follow the lead from the political messiah.  Would you?

In case you also hadn’t noticed, the editors here at FDC are pretty big sports fans.  And while we do enjoy dipping the company pen in political ink, our passion is trying to relate everyday life to anything sports related.

Hence our passion for people like former slugger Mark McGwire who recently stumped for Obama.  Or John McCain’s ability to fill up football stadiums on the campaign trail.

But back to our point, and how Barack Obama might help “redistribute the wealth” in Las Vegas.

We all know Sports Illustrated has the “SI cover jinx” and while teams like the Chicago Cubs fans have problems of their own – we decided to try to uncover whether or not there were any sports related implications when it came to politicians openly endorsing or visiting sports programs.

The answer is yes.

And no, we’re not talking about the bad luck with Rudy and his Yankees or Bush with his Rangers.  We’re talking about following the wave of good fortune when it comes to Barack Obama’s Midas touch.

By now you’ve learned that Obama picked both Philadelphia and Tampa Bay to win the World Series. [unfortunately for Obama, the rain won last night] But what about college football?  Can we learn anything from the Democratic Presidential hopeful when it comes to the collegiate pigskin?

After Texas beat Oklahoma, we realized that perhaps that had nothing to do with good play calling, or luck for that matter.  Obama had met with the Longhorns in February, so the outcome had likely already been determined; we just weren’t smart enough to have figured it out yet.

But then, after a quick trip in the way back machine, we realized that the only other college football team he has met with was Penn State.  Another 2008 powerhouse and currently undefeated team, thanks to a huge win over OSU this past weekend.

You catching on here?

It’s with a high level of confidence, [and a strong belief in Midas touch] that we’re now ready to wager our entire bank account on a BCS  match-up between The University of Texas and Penn State. Obama has deemed it so and frankly, when the righteous wind blows, we follow.

Oh, and in case you were itching to wager a bit more money, you can go ahead and put your money on Colt to win the Heisman. We will be, but only because we’re not in the business of denying spiritual implications – he threw Obama a pass in this video.

Pictured below:  Obama appropriately get’s his number one…