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Congressional CAO Dan Beard’s trusty spokesman, Jeff Ventura, has leveled another quick-witted blow at Capitol Hill staffers.  This one comes on the heels of the cafeteria price hike.

The charge, led by staffer Brian Diffell, has begun to pick up some steam.  So much so, Roll Call recently reported about the messy food fight.

Outraged at the thought of a $4 grilled cheese or a $5 BLT, some staffers are using Facebook to protest the upcoming price increases in the House cafeterias.

At least two Facebook groups have popped up since Chief Administrative Officer Dan Beard announced last week that food prices would be going up an average of 10 percent (with some items costing as much as 40 percent more). Restaurant Associates, the private company that runs the House cafeterias, will enact the price hike Friday.

Ventura, who’s no fan of the Facebook Groups meant to encourage staffers to boycott the cafeterias, said this of his newest socially networked friends:

“I’m going to start a Facebook group, too, titled: ‘People Who Haven’t Been to a Grocery Store in the Last Year,'” he said. “Or maybe, ‘People Who Haven’t Heard of the Consumer Price Index.’ I mean, really.”

We here at FDC admit we have not recently polished our Consumer Price Index skills, but we do know of another price index that might work a little better for Hill Staffers – it’s called the dollar menu at McDonalds.

This whole fiasco is quite delicious, wouldn’t you agree?