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Stop the presses prices!

A group of tech savvy Capitol Hill staffers are working hard for the money – and proof can be found by clicking here.

Apparently the rage over cafeteria prices in the House Office buildings has not let up.  So what’s a group of really pissed off Hill staffers to do?  Start a petition. [www.StopThePriceHike.com]

And just who are these staffers?

We are a group of Capitol Hill staffers who dine regularly at the House cafeterias. We aren’t here to complain that Hill staffers are underpaid and overworked. But we know when we’re getting a raw deal. That’s why we’ve drafted this petition to Dan Beard, calling upon him to work with Restaurant Associates to reverse the price hike. We call on concerned patrons to let their voices be heard and sign the petition.

They said “raw deal.”  Very clever.