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A loyal reader with too much time on their hands, recently pointed out that “embattled” [we’ve always wanted to use that word] Rep. Tim Mahoney made a statement earlier this year that being a congressman wasn’t the “greatest job he’s ever had.”  Brilliant.

Well, now that he’s been under fire for the past few days about letting a woman, who was not his wife, ride his Mahoney pony, it’s likely that Congressman Sunshine really doesn’t like his job now.

And as the drama unfolds, the latest rumor from Politico:  Mahoney is considering not running for reelection.

We here at FDC don’t know much about fixing gaping wounds in people’s family lives, but resigning is probably a good start.

With that said, we would like to go ahead and officially endorse any other candidate without an ‘ey’ on the end of their name to replace Foley Mahoney.  Which means, yes, Mickey Mouse is shit out of luck.

What about a Smith?  Or a Jones?   Any Howards out there?