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Hey, don’t worry about the fact that the economy is wading around in the toilet.  And don’t fret about the fact that your retirement savings will likely be half of what it was two months ago – the Washington Post has good news for you – they just released their 2008 Dining Guide.

And while they practically admit their timing on this is terrible, they have taken into consideration some cheap eats.

“Taking into account the current economy, all of these places are certain bets for a good meal amid uncertain economic times.”

Some of this year’s Dining Guide highlights:

Citronelle was bumped from four stars down to three due to poor service that overshadowed an otherwise good meal

Komi gained a star and joined the ranks of four-star restaurants in DC

Fast-casual Nando’s Peri-Peri makes the cut-this is the South African chain’s first US location

If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth a peak.