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According to most everyone that watched the debate last night, including Matt Drudge, it was painfully boring.

But for one lone blogger, it was quite the opposite.

Ed Morrissey of HotAir.com, seems to be the only person in the United States that felt last night’s affair was nothing short of amazing. Morrissey, who perhaps served a little time on the debate team in high school, raged about how debate formats such as the one we witnessed a few hours ago, are less about cheerleaders and halftime shows and more about substance and policy.

Although, a halftime show featuring the Jonas Brothers would’ve been pretty fantastic.

Look, even Tom Brokaw was bored out of his mind.  And at one point got so visibly annoyed, [and sleepy] considered packing up his things and leaving that cute little purple desk of his.

The American people wanted fireworks.  Instead, they watched a debate that not only put fire to sleep, but also the audience.

So how do we spice these things up next time?

According to a very clever and sarcastic Ed Morrissey: “let’s give people what they really want and add Pat Sajak, Vanna White, and a big spinning wheel to entertain people in these affairs.”

We here at FDC think that’s genius.