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Since her departure from Alaska, grizzly natives have decided to moose hunt without McCain running mate Gov. Sarah Palin.  Something that has Palin so upset, she’s suspended her campaign and is headed back to Alaska.

Botanical Garden closes after bear kills moose near fence
Anchorage Daily News

A bear feasting on a moose carcass along the perimeter fence of Alaska Botanical Garden Tuesday morning has prompted officials to close the facility. The garden will be closed to public use until Oct. 10 to give the bear time to finish its carcass and move along.

Garden staff and volunteers are also limiting their activity during cleanup week to avoid confrontations with the animal. As a result, garden beds do not have to be cleaned up this week, and officials are asking volunteers to avoid going into the garden alone or at dawn and dusk. Depending on what the bear does, officials said, they might cancel all remaining activities for 2008.

Only in Alaska, would you close down a popular tourist trap to let a wild animal finish eating its dinner.  We’re not quite sure how this type of activity will resonate with New York voters.