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According to the latest polls, 99.9% of folks think Congress kind of sucks at what they do.  And it seems as if America has given up faith on them.

So what do you do when people are about to tune out Congress?  Pitch a fun story which will keep people interested and paying attention to what’s going on in Congress.

Hats off to a clever GOP press team that pitched this idea and brought some fun perspective to the “seriousness” of the GOP secret meetings.

Meet Luke Hatzis.  Luke, a Capitol Hill staple, was former Speaker Dennis Hastert’s right hand guy -and according to FDC readers, the ultimate team player always willing to lend a hand.

And it just so happens that Luke has one of the most important jobs on Capitol Hill.  He’s the GOP gatekeeper.

When it comes to sensitive GOP meetings – nobody get’s by unless Luke knows them.  Staffers know – you want access, you better know Luke.

Luke has become such a legend in the hallowed halls of Congress, FoxNews recently reported on him – and now their itching to interview the “GOP Gatekeeper.”

We can smell the Fans of Luke Facebook group just around the corner.