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Ever been to a bar with a press secretary the night before a big story comes out?  One that’s going to have him or her on record defending some ridiculous accurate allegation leveled against their boss?  If you haven’t – you should try it on for size.  And if you’re lucky unfortunate and don’t have any press friends, go onto your email machine and try to find some on Match.com – it’s worth it.

Press flacks are like zoo animals and extremely fun to watch. They get so riled up about each story they work on – as if each will be the defining moment of their career. They act as if the globe will stop spinning if they are misquoted or taken out of context [otherwise known as every flack’s excuse for a bad quote].

As if these press flacks weren’t self-serving proud enough – they always seem to forward their handy work around the next day – or post it on Facebook page – which equates to the annoying grown-up version of show and tell.  Leaving you to sit there and think to yourself, “congratulations, numnuts, you did your job.”

Well, next time your favorite flack forwards you an article they appeared in – hop onto your computer box and plug in this address www.SpinSpotter.com.  It might just change your relationship with them for the better.

Never again will your annoying lovable press flack friends who were never hugged enough as children forward you articles – because when they do, you’ll be forced to calculate the amount of bullshit they were slinging around.

Consider this a gift.  You can thank us later.

And be sure to pay this forward. Send it to all your flack friends.