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If you’re a House staffer who can’t get garage parking – this story is going to chap your ass.

As every congressional employee knows, Capitol Hill doesn’t have much in the way of pay parking and street parking next to impossible to find.   So what do you do if you’re the Dean of the New York Delegation and you’ve got an old beat up Mercedes you don’t drive anymore?  Simple. You stash it in the Rayburn House office garage, take off the plates, throw a tent on top of it and hope nobody notices.

True story.

It’s unclear why Congressman Charlie Rangel kept his Benz illegally parked in the Rayburn garage for the last four years without license plates – but perhaps he’s just been waiting for Xzibit to do an East Coast edition of “Pimp My Ride.”

The only question left.  Who’s going to wake up Uncle Chuck to let him know his car’s about to get towed?

Not it.