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Dear RCN Cable of Washington, DC

Can you please tell me who won between the Cowboys and Eagles on Monday Night Football?

I wouldn’t know, BECAUSE THE DAMN CABLE WENT OUT TWICE. I couldn’t even check online because your lovely internet service went down as well.

I hate Comcast, but now wish they we’re back in my life. They overcharge and they’re slow to respond/answer calls/answer emails/remove service/add service…but at least their shit worked!

Also, when I called the RCN help desk line I asked the guy on the other end who he had in the Super Bowl. This was a test I like to call “I wonder if they’re in America.” Guess what, he hadn’t heard of the Super Bowl, because he was in the Philippines!

Quit being cheap jerks and either a) sell service that works or b) hire people to answer the phones that understand the difference between the RFK neighborhood and JFK the president.

One pissed off, about to be former RCN wireless subscriber