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Ex -NRSC Finance guru Nicole Sexton, recent author of a tell-all fiction book about the ugliness of raising political monies, has been told by her former employers, thanks, but no thanks – and was gently forced to cancel a book signing this week in the Twin Cities.

According to Roll Call:

Her novel dishes about the seamy side of the political fundraising world – particularly the one inside the GOP’s money-making machine – so one wouldn’t expect former Republican fundraiser Nicole Sexton, who’s now with the ONE Campaign, to be the GOP’s favorite author.

Still, those who felt exposed by the truth-as-fiction book “Party Favors” apparently took their literary tastes a bit further than just taking the book off the list for the next book club gathering. According to his agent, Sexton canceled a book signing scheduled for Sept. 2 at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore because “top GOP officials” put pressure on her and on the nonpartisan ONE Campaign to nix the event.

But just how did the “other” party in Denver receive the book signing?

A similar event at a Denver-area Borders bookstore during the Democratic National Convention went off without a hitch.

Perhaps her “fiction” book hits a little too close to home.