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If you give listening to this interview more than a few minutes, it becomes painfully uncomfortable.  And you’ll spend the rest of the time praying that it ends.

Granted, the kid doing the interview is a play-by-play announcer, and a great one at that, but his innate ability to ask really misguided questions, rivals only Gerarldo Rivera.

Our favorite line, as he clearly gets bored with the interview, “So, what else do we have here…” – then quickly moves on to what is the most uncomfortable question of the interview: “Off the record [as he rolls tape], how many politicians have you wanted to shoot personally?”

And finally, he asks the Governor [who at this point is probably looking around at the next staffer she’s about to fire] how she deals with being labeled as “hot” – only to nearly interrupt her answer so he can proudly get back to his job announcing the game, “no balls and two strikes to Ortiz.”

The whole damn interview is bizarre, but worth a listen.