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GOP web pioneer Michael Turk is at it again – and by “it”, we mean he’s again going after Democratic rival and good “friend” Matt Stoller.

This dust up is over Stoller’s admission that McCain is hiding cancer.

It is very likely that McCain has cancer or some other serious illness.  There’s no reason McCain wouldn’t let reporters look at his records otherwise.  McCain is 72 years old and he was a POW, a member of a group with high rates of illness due to ill-treatment on the part of their captors.

Mr. Turk, not happy about Stoller’s accusations, fires back:

Stoller, compared to real journalists, doesn’t actually need facts.  He just makes stuff up, or quotes what sounds like they might actually be facts without ever backing them up.

This isn’t the first time Turk has taken a shot at his arch nemesis. [I wanna kick your ass]

And likely won’t be the last.

Our question – when is the virtual cage match – and have these two ever actually met?