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Welcome to what we hope will be a string of FDC tips coming straight out of the DNC in Denver.  We’ve already had a few loyal readers [who are on the ground] send us tips and tidbits, which is awesome – so if you have any tips, send them our way at [email protected].

Tips we’ve gathered thus far…

Amazing how many public affairs ads are here (AMA, NAB, Clean Coal) — you’d think you’re at Cap South.

Saturday night the place to be seen was Palace Arms restaurant.

Gwen Ifill [PBS], John Fox Sullivan (Nat. Journal), and several other a-list media types skipped the all-media party to dine on bison.

Yesterday the Tim Russert tribute brought out pollster Charlie Cook – who was seen chatting up chuck Todd on the way in.

Unity not yet completely caught on – lots of hope and change buttons and surprisingly LOTS of Clinton 08 stickers.

We heard Oprah rented an entire floor at Ritz.

Keep the tips rolling in, kids. [[email protected]]

The Sunshine State. Denver. Gorgeous.