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Some people wait an entire career for an opportunity to use this line…and this guy A.) totally beat us to it; and B.) got Drudge to banner it!

“I will say this, I AM NOT A SCIENTIST, but in my view that was unnecessary,” said Darryl Seibel.

Genius.  Find out what he was referring to…

Associate Press
American cyclists arrive in black masks

Unidentified members of the U.S. cycling squad arrived at Beijing airport wearing black respiratory masks, a U.S. Olympic committee spokesman said on Tuesday.

One woman wearing a mask which covered the nose and mouth was in what appeared to be an American team T-shirt, photographs showed. A male wore a white T-shirt with BEIJING in black letters across the chest.

“I suspect it was their choice, you would have to talk to them as to what prompted them to do this. I will say this, I am not a scientist, but in my view that was unnecessary,” said Darryl Seibel, chief communications officer of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

A U.S. team official said members of the cycling squad were wearing the masks but declined further comment.

Beijing’s pollution has been a cause for concern for athletes heading for the Games which begin on Friday.