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Have you ever been to a Nats game and gotten those extra special chicken fingers?  You know, the ones that cost $180.50?

If you haven’t, see why you’re missing out.

From our Friends at Half Street Blues:

On Saturday night, I got a note from a fan of HSB who was enjoying the Nationals come from behind win against the Cincinnati Reds. She called it “the most exciting baseball game” she had ever been to, and was even surprised to find herself emotionally engaged in the game.

However, the joy of the experience came to a crashing end when she checked her bank account this morning to find that she had been charged 19 times for her chicken finger basket. I guess the profit margin on the $9.50 chicken finger basket (no drink included) isn’t quite enough to pay the bills.

She called the Nationals this morning and left a message – no word back.

She also called the bank that holds the debit card. The bank’s representative said that she had “never seen double-charging to this extent.” She also said that the vendor attempted to bill the account several more times, but the bank shut it down after 19. And all of the transactions took place within seconds of each other.
Because of this, T.D. Banknorth has issues a “Fraud Alert” for Nationals vending.

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