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This email is going around like wild fire on Capitol Hill.  If it’s true – it’s a damn bit ridiculous.  We’ll continue to check snopes.com and keep you posted.



Many of you likely know “little” Doris, who has been a cashier in the Longworth Cafeteria for decades.  Wednesday morning Doris was suspended without pay (or fired by some accounts) for being $9 short at her register.  This has outraged many of us who have seen her virtually every day for years.  She is certainly one of the most beloved cafeteria workers and her dedication to customer service is exceptional.  On Tuesday, we hope to join in a show of support for Doris by boycotting the cafeterias.  Since all the cafeterias are owned by the Restaurant Associates we ask that you avoid all of them that day, but we realize that’s difficult during a day we’re in session.  Please, if nothing else avoid Longworth.

If we can’t get our gas prices reduced, we might as well take up arms for Doris, right?

UPDATE:  Roll Call is now reporting on Longworth Cafeteria’s newest celebrity.

UPDATE: Damn those kids on Capitol Hill work fast.  They already have a petition up to save Doris.