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The 307th annual Congressional Geriatric baseball game took place last night at Nats stadium.  And for what seems like the 25th year in a row, the Democrats lost.

And how do we know they lost?  The House GOP covered the victory via Twitter and 10 exclamation points.

From GOP Conference Twitterberry: Celebrating the GOP’s win!!!!!!!!!!

We have no idea what this victory means – but it’s always good to see old people getting excited about meaningless victories – like passing legislation on renaming the latest post office.

UPDATE: A tipster tells us at last night’s game Rep. Tom Price helped treat a guy who got hit by a bat while in his seat in the stands. It’s unclear as to which athletically prone lawmaker let a bat fly into the stands.  Email us a [email protected] if you know the answer.

UPDATE: Rep. Chip Pickering was the one who let the bat fly.