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Hold on to your wallets…

Why.I.Hate.DC has a fantastic post on their most recent DC experience – getting mugged.

While the story is partly serious, there’s still plenty of humor injected into the post.

Our favorite excerpts:

“I won’t let him touch my right pocket. It was part outrage and part selfishness. I’m on iPod number three and cell phone number three. I don’t need this bullshit. I know they say to let the mugger get what they want so no one gets hurt, but, no. I am not going to allow myself to be victimized. And if he was willing to shoot me, he might be willing to shoot me even if I cooperate. It may have been stupid, but I feel better now for having taken a stand. Of course if I were dead it would have been a moot point.”

And, because it’s DC, the first police car on the scene went to the wrong block. That was about as predictable as the sunrise.

After is was all said and done, the muggers got away with a total of $23 – the equivalent to a six pack of beer and dinner for two at Denny’s.

Read the entire post, here.