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UPDATE: Harry Reid hates bloggers – even his own.

Even though Jenny had permission to blog, someone in her office felt it necessary to take the blog down.  Boo.


Since blogging is all the rage, it comes as no surprise that DC interns might find the “virtual journal” a great tool to inform friends and family of their daily adventures in the Nation’s Capital.

With that said, meet Jenny.

Jenny is a brand new intern who’s working for Sen. Harry Reid. Jenny kind of likes her gig and isn’t shy about saying so.

Our favorite excerpts, courtesy of Jenny’s web journal the whole world can see:

Senator Reid is the Majority Leader and therefore gets some awesome perks (like having a balcony) It had a great view and they said that we can go out there as long as he isn’t in the office. SO COOL!

Note: The balcony ain’t small, so we find this a bit selfish that Harry won’t let his hard-working interns do a little live-blogging while he works on lowering gas prices.

Another gem:

GET THIS! My new office that I work in is right next door to Senator Obama’s office!!! Is that cool or what? I was walking by it and then my boss was like yeah there’s Senator Obama’s office and I was like COOL!!!!

And as for what Jenny does during office hours, well, she can’t tell you – the office forbids it. But apparently, it’s pretty darn important.

I spent the rest of the day doing some pretty cool undisclosed things and office work.

That’s like, way COOL!!