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As loyal FamousDC readers have probably figured out, we have several contributors here who regularly analyze the daily beltway grind with a little snark and lots of Red Bull.*Believe it or not, we also have contributors [ALMOST] that actually offer good political insight.
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5 Rules of Engagement for Tonight (Must Read for Obama supporters)

Anyone who has ever worked on or supported a campaign (everyone in this town) understands the joy you feel when your candidate wins. When they lose, however, it’s not quite the same.

Here are 5 Rules of Engagement for supporters as they head off to victory parties tonight:

1) Wait for it. It is easy to get caught up in the hype, and try to anticipate what will happen. Unfortunately, if things don’t go as planned, this can lead to an embarrassing moment. It is much better to just play it cool until the actual election results are in and the candidates take the podium.

2) Keep it classy. In this toxic election cycle, where supporters have hurled the worst accusations at each other, it is important that revelers be mindful of what they say about the opposing camp. At this crucial moment, an off-hand comment could be justification for not getting behind the winner, so be sure to praise your opponent at every chance this evening.

3) Attack the other Political Party. The one thing that all party loyalists can agree on is that the other party sucks. If you find yourself in an awkward situation with someone who was for the losing candidate, use the opportunity to dump on the other side.

4) Equally Praise the Speeches. Unless your candidate pulls off the Gettysburg Address Part II, don’t go overboard with congratulating them on something they have been practicing for months. The supporters for the losing candidate will be watching, and looking for any reason to withhold their support tomorrow. Also, be on the lookout for news reporters and cameras. You don’t want to end up on the news as an example of why your political party won’t come together in November.

5) Beware of Jay-Z. Music by the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive,” Jay-Z, has popped up on a few occasions throughout this campaign. We saw one candidate “brush his shoulders off,” and at least one campaign stop where “99 Problems” was playing in the background. Don’t go there. Sure, it’s cool to your fellow supporters who get it, but it’s extremely offensive for those who support the other candidate. It’s best to just steer clear of Jay-Z all together tonight.

If you follow these rules, it will increase your chances of having an incident free election return night, and a good start on the general election campaign.