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If there was ever any question on how best to spot a douche bag roaming the streets of DC, this blog might just have the answers you’re looking for.

From Douche in DC: Unfortunately for our generation, the term “Douche” has largely lost the intense sting it once possessed. Thrown around so frequently when referring to Frat Boys, homeschoolers, and Yankees Fans, when engaging in our anthropological search for Douches, there must be a common definition for spotting and observing such a class of douche. It is for this reason that we define a Douche, and explain exactly how to spot one.

Our personal favorite way to spot a DC Douche:

Just south of the belt is the quintessential foot gear of the DC Douche, the boat shoe. Nowhere near a boat, the DC Douche prefers to wear Sperry’s or the equivalent as often as humanly possible. The point of the shoe is yet unknown, but it brings the douche to the table. Also necessary in high-speed boating adventures and with no place in the mean streets of DC are the trendy RayBan sunglasses with wind proof hold-it-on-your-head straps. Are you riding a motorcycle? No. Then you won’t lose your shades riding on the metro, so get a life.

The only sure bet: This site will most likely and single handedly offended 85% of the folks who read it. For that, we say, good work.

And here’s to hoping the exposures of doucheness, who pen this blog, don’t fall victim of douche baggery themselves – and stop posting good content.

After all, we haven’t had our fix in a while.