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Ok, that didn’t actually happen (yet!), but FamousDC is bringing you Sunday’s WaPo headline early.

Yes, it seems our favorite NFL All-Pro Redskins Tight End, Chris Cooley, is blogging about his upcoming wedding this weekend to fired Redskins cheerleader, Christy Oglevee.

The Cooley Zone: My Redskins cheerleader-turned-Redskins wife

From the moment Christy said “yes” the plans began. I have to admit I haven’t been the most avid planning participant, but one thing I was put in charge of was the seating. I’ll say this: It should at least be an interesting night. I’ve had calls from numerous wedding guests, most recently Dan Snyder’s assistant asking what table they could find their seats. Obviously my easiest seating solution, anywhere you can find a chair. I’m not trying to stick Dan with my drunken uncle, but drawing up all those name tags was way over my head.

I’m hoping for a huge night on Friday. We’ve paid for two open bars, and invited nothing short of an Animal House cast of characters. Although I hope Clinton’s friends — Southeast Jerome and co. — don’t crash the party. After our vows the only promise I will make is to not stuff the cake all over Christy’s face. The rest of the reception is free game. It will certainly be a night to remember.

Whatever happens this weekend, we’re looking forward to hearing about. Anytime you have Clinton Portis, Elliot in the Morning, Dan Snyder, and two open bars – you’re bound to have a good time.