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Who would’ve thought a defense bill mark-up could be so sexy?  [The Hill: Defense bill markup sparks love between two beauties]

Today’s Hill brings us the story of a 50 Most Beautiful “Power Couple” – Hanz Heinrichs and Rebeccah Ramey

“She walked in a few minutes late, and I, uh, noticed her,” he says. But he would have to wait for an opportunity to meet her.

“There wasn’t any entrée to talk to her until the defense markup,” he says.

After that first sighting, Ramey, a 25-year-old staffer for Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) and the 2007 list’s No. 9 beauty, took matters into her own hands. She recognized Heinrichs during that same meeting from his 50 Most Beautiful appearance but couldn’t find a way to talk to him, either. So she e-mailed Heinrichs to see if they could step out of an upcoming House Armed Services Committee hearing they were both planning to attend to discuss an issue that interested their bosses.

Visually, they suit each other well. Blond, tall and fit, they could easily model for a fashion magazine. But really, they’re policy wonks.

We here at FDC would like to congratulate Ken and Barbie and dedicate them this song.