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America’s Future Foundation recently hosted a contest to find the next greatest college blogger. 

From their blog: “The purpose of the contest is to encourage original liberty-minded blogger journalism on college campuses and to identify young conservative and libertarian talent who wish to pursue careers as journalists and writers. The contest is open to all graduate and undergraduate bloggers age 25 and younger.”

To make the contest even more appealing to college-aged students, they promised to award the winner 10K in beer money.

Drumroll, please…. “Today, AFF judges awarded $10,000 to Dartmouth College senior Joe Malchow as the winner of AFF’s College Blogger Contest. Malchow founded Dartblog. Judges awarded a second-place prize of $1,000 to the staff blog of the Oregon Commentator and third-place to Surveillance State.”

A funny side note: If you actually go to the AFF blog, the place where they hosted the “blog” contest, you’ll notice they’ve only posted four times since November. [leading by example]