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It appears that Barack Obama is not only bitter, but perhaps entirely too sober – at least according to his latest remarks in reference to Hillary’s weekend of shot taking and beer drinking.

“Around election time, the candidates can’t do enough. They’ll promise you anything, give you a long list of proposals and even come around, with TV crews in tow, to throw back a shot and a beer,” Obama said, stirring laughter from an audience of steelworkers and steel industry executives.

Don’t worry, Camp Hillary hit back [h/t Talk Left]

“With all due respect, this is the same politician who spent six days posing for clichéd camera shots that included bowling gutterballs, walking around a sports bar, feeding a baby cow, and buying a ham at the Philly market (albeit one that cost $99.99 a pound). Sen. Obama’s speeches won’t hide his condescending views of Americans living in small towns,” Clinton spokesman Phil Singer said in the statement.

If throwing back a few beers is criminal, then perhaps Barack never saw this clip.