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Redskins owner, Dan Synder, known for his outstanding patience and primo coach-picking ability, is telling the media he’s a matured adult. [no really, he is]

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder says, however, that despite the seemingly radical departures from past practices, he hasn’t really changed, only matured.

Matured men apparently admit mistakes:

“There are a bunch of things I wish I would have done differently,” Mr. Snyder told The Washington Times yesterday at the annual NFL meetings. “I’ve made plenty of mistakes, but I’ve learned from my mistakes as a good entrepreneur, a good CEO would do. I’ve matured. I wasn’t patient enough in certain areas early on. I didn’t understand the game the way I do now. I didn’t understand the agents, the contractual relationship with the salary cap, the importance of the age of players. Now it’s easy for me, second nature.”

Comforting to know the owner “didn’t understand the game.”  [Read the rest here]