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Update: Politico covers the vote scandal [long, drawn out story]

House Republicans are all sorts of hacked off that Democratic leaders violated ethics rules they put in place at the beginning of the 110th Congress.

Last night Democrats held open a vote in order to twist arms long enough to flip the vote back in their favor.

And to add to the drama, they were voting on a procedural motion to the ethics reform bill.

For those of you playing at home – the vote was held open for 31 minutes.  That’s 16 minutes after the time on the vote clock concluded.  [hardly a record]

During the last several minutes that the vote was held open, three Democrats switched their votes thereby altering the final outcome. 

The spin you’ll soon hear: Although this apparently happened under the watch of the Republicans, they never passed a rule condemning the action.  The Democrats did, and did so very publicly.