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It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Clinton machine was going to play the “expectations game” tonight – matter of fact, they’ve been playing it for quite some time.

As we wrote here last week, it was critical for Team Clinton that the MSM label Obama as the ‘favorite.’

The Clinton Camp has done a great job painting Obama as the odds on favorite – which does one of two things.  One, it let’s Camp Clinton play the “expectations” game – so if she does lose, it looked foreseeable, and two, it clearly demonstrates her campaign’s ability use this as a huge springboard if she is to win.  Because inevitably, headlines next Wednesday if she does win will read, “Clinton Upset – Have the tides turned?”

Well, it now seems as if others agree.  Blake Dvorak, of Real Clear Politics, states this in his latest post:

Despite what the polls say, the media has clearly built a sense that Obama should win today. [expectations game?]

If that’s the case, Clinton has already won once tonight. [kudos to her spin press shop] Let’s see if she can win twice.