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The Democrats have decided the only way to do business these days, is if they do it secretly – and that means holding important FISA sessions behind “closed doors.”

“They believe that the more members know about it, the less likely they will be to support Bush’s wish to make it permanent.” [The Hill]

Boehner’s flack, Kevin Smith, claims the move is meant to slow the process down:

“There are clear rules and procedures for how Congress handles classified information,” Smith said. “This nonsense is nothing more than another stalling tactic from a bunch of liberals who don’t want to give our intelligence officials all the tools they need to keep America safe.”

According to the Hill article, theses super duper “secret sessions” are very rare. Since 1830, the House has met behind doors only three times; 1979, 1980 and 1983.

While we await the verdict on these “closed door” meetings – it’s important to note that FISA expired 11 days ago.