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The NY Times is reporting that Team Clinton has finally begun to see the inevitable writing on the wall – and for 700 dedicated staffers around the country, that means the end is nearing.

There is a widespread feeling among donors and some advisers, though, that a comeback this time may be improbable. Her advisers said internal polls showed a very tough race to win the Texas primary – a contest that no less than Mr. Clinton has said is a “must win.” And while advisers are drawing some hope from Mrs. Clinton’s indefatigable nature, some are burning out. [somber Clinton]

And if that’s not proof enough, perhaps this quote is:

“Morale is low. After 13 months of dawn-to-dark seven-day weeks, the staff is exhausted. Some have taken to going home early – 9 p.m. – turning off their BlackBerrys, and polishing off bottles of wine, several senior staff members said.”

Is the fairytale over for Clinton?  Perhaps the empty wine bottles know best.