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The Politico thinks it’s put together a pretty comprehensive list of power-playing politicos, and while some of their choices are suspect, [see for yourself] the FamousDC editors do agree with some of the choices made. 

Congressional Staffers

Neil Bradley:

POSITION: Policy director to House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.)

REASON TO WATCH: Bradley, who began his congressional career as a Georgetown undergrad working for then-Rep. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), has the political savvy to match his wonky policy roots. He maintains strong ties to the conservative wing of the party, after serving as executive director for the Republican Study Committee for more than four years.

Paula Nowakowski:

POSITION: Chief of staff to House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio)

REASON TO WATCH: Nowakowski has been a fiercely loyal advocate ó and occasional enforcer for Boehner since she joined his leadership staff in 1995, developing a respectful working relationship with members and top aides in both parties, including Pelosi’s chief of staff, John Lawrence, who served as Nowakowski’s Democratic counterpart atop the House Education and Labor Committee.


Jonathan Poe:

POSITION: Partner, Anthem Media

REASON TO WATCH: A veteran of numerous campaign cycles in the National Republican Congressional Committee political shop, Poe has moved to Anthem Media, where he’s cutting ads for some of the most closely watched House races in the country.


Reid Wilson:

POSITION:Associate editor, RealClearPolitics

REASON TO WATCH: Wilson earned his political chops covering polls for National Journal’s “The Hotline.” Now at RealClearPolitics – this cycle’s go-to venue for polling data – he’s helping step up the site’s in-house political analysis.


Robert B. Bluey:

POSITION: Director, Center for Media and Public Policy, The Heritage Foundation

REASON TO WATCH: Bluey edits the conservative think tank’s website and contributes to several major conservative blogs (including his own, at RobertBluey.com). Conservative wonks say he’s also a happy hour regular – one of the most social young conservatives around.”
Todd Boulanger:

POSITION: Senior vice president, Cassidy & Associates

REASON TO WATCH: From his successful weathering of the Jack Abramoff storm to his many cable TV appearances, Boulanger has proven his nattily attired, outside-the-box staying power.

Michael Steel:

POSITION: Press secretary, House Minority Leader John A. Boehner

REASON TO WATCH: The consummate gentleman, Steel is well-schooled and well-versed in politics and spends his vacation time volunteering for various pols. He’s also an equal-opportunity socializer – a recent Steel party featured GOP-ers, journos and even a few Democrats.

Did they miss someone?  Email us at tips AT famousDC DOT COM and let us know who.