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Cy Young award-winning pitcher Roger Clemens and his former friend are set to testify on Capitol Hill today, as Congress’ investigation into the use of steroids in Major League Baseball continues.

Clemens was named as a steroids user in the Mitchell Report, the document stemming from the investigation led by former Sen. George Mitchell for Major League Baseball. Clemens has vehemently denied ever using steroids and said he repeated that statement under oath during a five-hour deposition last week.  [roids]

UPDATE: Congressional Live Blog of the Clemens hearing – by Sports Illustrated

UPDATE: Clemens is visibly shaken, and looks as if he might snap at any minute.  Wife looks nervous.

UPDATE: Clemens says “Mr. Congressman” for the 123rd time.

UPDATE: Rocket’s wife Debbie has gone “jacket happy.” 

UDPATE: Clemens officially rolls his agent under the bus.  Claims he didn’t know about Sen. Mitchell wanting to talk to him.

UPDATE: Do Kanjorski staffers not watch baseball?

From SI’s Tom Verducci: “Credibility is an important theme in this hearing. And there’s nothing like immediately blowing your credibility when you make reference to one ‘Jose Can-SEEK-o,’ as did Paul Kanjorski (D-Pa.). Not only does Kanjorski not know how to pronounce Canseco’s name, but he obviously has no clue how unreliable a character is Canseco. Remember, Canseco wrote in his book about repeated discussions he had with Clemens about steroids, and now he’s claiming he never did. And the luncheon at Canseco’s house — whether Clemens was there or not — is rather unimportant when matched against all other testimony and evidence. It was wasted time. Memo to Kanjorski: not a good idea to hitch your line of questioning to Jose Canseco.”

 UPDATE: Congresswoman Foxx loses her temper because of her time restraints.

UPDATE: Waxman apologies to McNamee and tells Roger to shut his mouth.