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Last night it was Hillary’s turn to convince the American electorate that she was the underdog.

NEW YORK (AP) — That rough, husky tone to New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s voice didn’t come from the campaign trail.

“Every New Yorker has a sore throat after last night,” Clinton told talk-show host David Letterman during her appearance Monday on “The Late Show.” She said she had been rooting for the New York Giants while watching the Super Bowl in a Minneapolis sports bar.

Clinton said she was modeling her campaign for the Democratic nomination for president on the Giants’ last-minute, 17-14 victory over the undefeated New England Patriots.

UPDATE: h/t from P.A. Moore who writes this about Hillary’s so called love for the Giants.

“… on Meet the Press a few years ago, she disavowed the “New York” teams (Giants & Jets) that actually play their games in New JERSEY:

Tim Russert (interviewer): Before you go, the Buffalo Bills vs. the New JERSEY Jets.

Sen. Hillary Clinton: The New JERSEY Jets, that’s right.

Tim Russert: Who you for?

Sen. Hillary Clinton: Well, I’m for the Buffalo Bills. Is there any question? THAT’S THE ONLY NEW YORK TEAM WE HAVE, RIGHT?

Now we’ll wait for the videotape. [ahem, YouTubers]