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Did you know the Washington Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas has a blog?

Gilbert sponsors a Halo team and found the Wizards Ballboy from his friends on Myspace. He even claims a bowling average between 220 and 240.

Excerpts from his January 28 post:

Got a New Video Game
So I have been trying out this new game called Rock Band. I need to get some of the other guys on the team to play it because I can’t decide to play the drums, guitar or sing on the microphone when I play. I think I can use the mic to practice my standup routines though.

The Mya Rumor
It is not true. I’m off the market and the Mya rumor is false. I know her through a mutual friend, The Game, because she opened up for him on his tour. No, I am not dating Mya. That’s a false rumor. That’s where it started from because that’s the only time I’ve ever seen her. I mean, I was at the same party as her three years ago, but I don’t actually know her like that.

Hope to see Agent Zero back on the court soon and STAY IN WASHINGTON!