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How would news outlets cover the NFL?

Feb. 4, 2007: Minutes after the Colts win Super Bowl XLI, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer says the Colts must be considered the front-runner for Super Bowl XLII, “assuming, of course, Indianapolis chooses to play next season.”

July 20: The New York Times devotes 10 days of training camp coverage analyzing which teams have raised the most money in ticket and replica jersey sales so far.

Aug. 11: CBS declares that the Ravens are the new Super Bowl front-runner due to their convincing 29-3 victory over the Eagles in the first exhibition game.

Aug. 17: After the Patriots lose their second exhibition game, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says New England has absolutely no chance of winning the Super Bowl.

Aug. 25: Soon after the Chiefs and Cardinals lose their third exhibition games, Matt Drudge reports that both teams announce they are dropping out of the season.

Sept. 2: Robert Novak outs Bill Belichick, writing in his Chicago Sun-Times column that the New England coach secretly videotaped the Jets’ defensive signals against league regulations. Novak refuses to name his source.