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What Type of Nats Fan Are You?

Batter up. The Washington Nationals are returning for their home opener on Thursday, March 28th at 1:05 pm against the New York Mets. If you are not taking off or playing hooky for that game Tuesday, April 2nd against the Phillies could be even a more interesting game than the first. Bryce Harper is going to make his return to DC after a summer figuring out whether he would stay or go. Ultimately, Harper walked out of DC for a 13-year $330 million contract.

The return of the All-Star player begs the question of whether fans will stand and clap or boo? My guess is that the reactions will be mixed. The soap opera off-season and the Harper saga have a season finale set for next week.

The Nationals, team management, and their coach Dave Martinez certainly have some more pressure this season with another sports team bringing home a championship last year and returning with another strong regular season. The DC United are also undefeated and packing the new Audi Field most home games. The folly of the Wizards is a saving grace for the Nats from the pressure of a growing and successful DC sports market.

Many of us are still fulfilling our obligations as hockey fans as the Caps get ready for another playoff run. If you have moved past the puck and are ready to see the team take to the diamond, ask yourself what type of fan are you?

Types of Nationals Fans:

Hall of Fame: You have a curly “W” forearm tattoo and don’t mind sporting a full body suit of red out in public. You eat, breath, and sleep for the Nats.

All-Star: You attended Spring Training in Florida or volunteered to attend Spring Training in Florida for a PAC event. You can recite the starting roster from front to back with ease.

Professional: You own Nationals All-Star gear and probably have a mini-pack of tickets, but occasionally will take to the bleachers for one too many shock tops on the weekends.

Minor Leagues: You wear red or an Ovechkin jersey to a Nats game.

Bench Player in Single-A Baseball: “I only go to the stadium when Congress plays”.

No matter what type of fan you are it’s time for Nationals baseball and another great way to spend your days and nights rooting for your local team.

***Please note Amos Snead contributed to this article because I am in between Professional and the Minor Leagues.