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Being an intern in D.C. is unlike any experience you’ve had before. You can intern in many cities across the country, but none of them will be quite like your experience in the nation’s capital. D.C. interns are a Type A breed that are a force to be reckoned with.

I officially became a D.C. intern this fall when I started interning for FamousDC. During my time here I’ve been able to come up with my own original content, write more than I ever thought I would, and got to work with a great team of people. It’s not everyday that you get an internship that allows you to do exactly what it is that you want to do with your future. At FamousDC, I got that opportunity and am so glad to have spent my semester interning here. I fell in love with being a D.C. intern.

Reflecting on the past semester, I’ve come up with a few unique traits you’ll only find in District interns.

We are aggressive.

In addition to fighting our way onto the metro every morning (elbow shoves anyone?), we’re also aggressive when it comes to our work. We make sure that the work we do is top notch, and work as hard as we can in the position we’re given. Granted, these are qualities you’ll see in almost every intern in any city, but D.C. is one of the most competitive cities to work in, leaving us District interns with an extra spark in our eyes and fire in our spirits.

We stay on top of the latest news.

If you ask any Washingtonian, they’ll tell you that the first thing we do in the morning is check their newsfeed. This is D.C., and some of the most important world and national events happen in our beloved city. As interns, in order to succeed we have to be in tune with what’s happening in the city, the country, and the world. Whether it be writing a story on the latest news, or rounding up the team on Capitol Hill, we’re always up to date on the happenings around us.

We have a complicated relationship with the metro.

Living in any city comes with its own transportation perks. Our perk is the metro. Every morning you’ll spot a slew of interns riding the metro to get to the office on time. The metro is the lifeline of the city, and the number one form of transportation for us interns. However, like any great relationship, we have our ups and downs. We love the metro for getting us to the office on time (sometimes), but hate the crowds that build up on the metro as the morning goes on. We love the down time we get to ourselves when we we’re heading off to work, but hate when the metro is delayed and our morning commute takes longer than usual. It’s a complicated relationship between us interns and the metro, but we’re OK with it.


Like any other proud Washingtonian, interns love D.C. We may not run around with “I LOVE D.C.” written across our shirts, but we do wear our pride. Not only does interning here offer us a multitude of perks (like lunch by the White House), but it also exposes us to some of the best internship opportunities in the country. There’s something for everyone in D.C., whether you want to be a future politician, a writer, or ambassador- in D.C. you can gain experience in any field.

The FamousDC team would like to thank Arielle for all her hard work and wish her the best of luck as she embarks on a new journey to London!