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We hope you’ve been taking it easy this month because the official holiday party season is right around the corner.

All the signs are here:

  • Your Uber driver’s radio was stuck on “Jingle Bells” yesterday.
  • You have two dozen party invitations in your inbox and you don’t want to RSVP to any of them.
  • Thanksgiving is — GASP — next week.

Yes, there really are just 35 days until Christmas. (No, we don’t know where November went.)

What you may not realize as we move toward the holiday season is that DC is solidly lacking in the knowledge department when it comes to getting home responsibly.

A recent survey conducted by Responsibility.org shows how knowledgeable Americans are on important things like knowing the legal limit for drunk driving, knowing ways to get home safely and how to tell if someone is too drunk to drive.

Here’s how DC stacked up against the rest of the country:

Holiday Infographics_DC

How much did you know before reading? Learn more about the facts here and get ready to roll responsibly over this year’s holidays.