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Lobbyists, corporate fundraisers, non-profits and consulting firms are always looking for an excuse to throw a party. The concept of corporate formal events (“proms”) in DC is one we all are familiar with (e.g. Tax Foundation’s annual dinner, dubbed “Tax Prom” at the Mayflower Hotel).

Here are a few reasons why these are epically better than your high school prom.

1.       You are legally allowed to drink at the prom. Not only that, but the alcohol is free. So while you may have matured in age and bank account, you still get equally as bombed.

2.       You arrive in your own tuxedo or formal gown and you look good.

3.       Much to your relief, there are no corsages or boutonnieres to be found.

4.       While the crowd is older, you’re still young in spirit and you don’t miss that creepy Sixteen Candles vibe.

5.       The food varies, but is generally better than your awkward group of 20 going to Outback.

6.       It’s possible both your high school and work prom is in a hotel, but this time, if you blackout, you can just get a room with your own money.

7.       Your event now has a Twitter hashtag – chances are your High School prom did not.

8.       The guest speakers are Members of Congress, not Principal Belding.

9.       There is no dancing, no one is forced to dance, and no one feels awkward for not dancing.

10.   You are seated with members of the opposite sex, and they actually want to talk to you.