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We read this Paul Ryan/Aaron Schock fan fiction article and when we thought about even more DC fan fiction we’d like, these came to mind:

1. Nancy Pelosi/The Speaker’s Gavel: A Forbidden Romance
“…They often traded glances from across the House floor.  It had been years since they’d touched. Suddenly, they were alone again. Nancy reached out and touched the hard, dark, mahogany wood…”


2. Jack Abramoff/The Entire House Ethics Committee: An Oversight Overture
“Jack had been to prison, but he never experienced anything like this before.”



3. Mika, Joe Scarborough … And Willie!: Jonesing for Joe
“Willie looked at the two of them, feeling like the third wheel, as always. Then everything went dark. The crew scrambled to turn on the power, leaving the three of them alone at the newsdesk…”



4. Bao Bao and Sunny Obama: Black, White, and Whipped
“Entwined so, you could not tell where Portuguese water dog ended and panda began.”



5. Adrian Fenty and the Streetcar: The H St Streetcar Gets Railed
“After so long waiting, Adrian entered the crowded streetcar, forcing himself all the way in…”



6. Young and the Guest List/Young and the Guest List: Seeing Double
…It’s not sexual. They only stoke egos.



7. Rosa DeLauro and Moleskine/Coffee/WBs/Fixed Gear/ and A Pack of American Spirits: The most underrated romance
“The greatest love story you’ve probably never heard of.”



8. The Hungry Lobbyist/An Entire Pig: There was butter everywhere.
“His hands kept busy pushing pork into sausage casing.”



9. Jay Carney / The WH Press Corps: Deep End
“Jay was used to getting grilled.”



10. Edward Snowden/Vladimir Putin
“When he walked in, there was no walking out again. Edward wasn’t sure where he would end up between Vlad and the tiger, but one thing was certain: he would be the Russian dressing in this sandwich.” 



 11. Chuck Schumer / Chuck Schumer
“He settled in for a night of good company: scotch, a mirror and his reflection.”



12. The Washington Monument/The United States of America: Yeah, It’s Phallic
“Giving “getting screwed by Washington” a whole new meaning for the last 129 years.”