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#NATIONAL  “Ask not what your country can do for you…”; ‘Selfie’ is the word of the year; “Knockout Game” …errr, why?!; Don’t be that person on the phone on the airplane; The best post-happy hour voicemail EVER; We’re damn cold; #THEDISTRICT Shorter NYT: Gayest place in America; 6th Annual Congressional Football Game for charity; DC ain’t havin a lot of sex; Donburi opens in A-Mo; O Street resurgence; Tigers cubs make their debut; Nom nom nom; Metro gate jumpers thrive in Pentagon City; Lots’o’ice at the Gaylord; H Street tests its streetcar; We’ll miss Garden District this winter — it closes for the season on Dec. 7; An interview with D.C.’s Republican and Libertarian candidates for mayor; Dulles celebrates 50 years; #CONGRATS Justin Miller joins The Daily Beast; Congrats to Vicki Diez on her promotion at NPR;  Helena Andrews & Emily Heil join WaPo’s Reliable Sources; #BIRTHDAY Birthday cheers for Matt Allen, Rick Klein, Phil Ewing, Sushant Sagar, Matt Lloyd, Neil Bjorkman, Sam Jacobs, Meena Ganesan, Suzanne Kianpour & Hannah August; #WASHINGTONINSIDER White House Correspondents are pretty peeved; We miss Ladies Who Lobby; “Ask Washington Anything”; CQ Roll Call continues to restructure;  So you wanna host a Friendsgiving?; Shakeups at the DC-NYT; Spotted: Ed Henry and Juan Williams drinking martinis at Casa Luca; Joe, a man after our own hearts;  Welcome, Graham Holdings Company; opensecrets.org gets a makeover; Bloomberg layoffs; #WEEKEND Are you helping tornado victims tonight?; Find us at the Capital City Ball 2013 tomorrow: Because we’re classy like that.

This roundup brought to you by SP + KC