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Everybody’s #Twerking for the Weekend:

Eliana Johnson spent some time with Corey Booker’s imaginary friend, T-Bone, be sure to tell Jennifer Strong happy birthday today, what will Brian Marshall Johnson (AKA the Hungry Lobbyist) eat for his birthday on Saturday? Wish him a happy 30th, tell Lindsay Casale congratulations on her new job, we take trips now – not vacations, we hope Washington State ruins Alex Schriver’s birthday, 20 things 20-year-olds don’t get, tell Johnny F’ing Football to enjoy his little timeout against powerhouse Rice – because the Tide is coming, join the thousands of people on instagram to wish Carly Heitlinger happy birthday this weekend, something terrible has happened, will Tara Palmeri kick her birthday weekend in the Hamptons?, get smart on Syriahow to get a job, Sue Hensley Robusto is celebrating a birthday weekend, Sir David Popp everyone needs his first shot, tell Surya and Mandy congrats on their baby boy, shout out to Chloe Troia on the new gig and a successful first week, Ashley Summers is crushing it, wish Natasha Federova a happy 23rd birthday this week, nice Twitter picture Cloture Club, Chris Golden is biking, ATTENTION: the British are NOT coming, But Rialto is, #HTTR, HELP this most adorable puppy, Labor Day weekend Traffic Guide, Are you a ‘Washingtonian Mom?’, HOYA’s new downtown campus open, #UnSuckDCMetro Red Line Metro Train Derails Overnight, Who is ready for a cold winter?, DC2024 anyone?, We hope Jennifer Sherman had a great birthday, 1,2,3 “awwww“, Did you think the red line could get any worse?, Welcome back, RG3, Send some tweets to Twitter newbie Kevin Lewis: @KLewis44, Adams Morgan Day volunteers needed (it’s Sept. 8th, BTW), What the hell just popped up on New York Ave in NoMa?, “I have a dream“, Go home Baltimore Sun homepage, you’re drunk, ET phone home (to Virginia though), M Cafe Bar on 14th reminds us of South Beach, Ummm was that a drone at the VA Bull Run?, No more Deep Throat-ing in Rosslyn, Dunbar High School vandalized, She’s just bein’ Miley, Are you ready for #DCFEST?, Oprah chows down at Proof, In case you live in a cave, DC drivers are a**holes, In this week’s apartment porn, Say bye bye to Amo’s The Reef, Welcome fall at “The Lot” @ Union Kitchen this weekend, Smashburger joins the DuPont food lineup Sept. 11, Chevy Chase-s alotta drama, #Natitude is making a bit of a comeback (not that it matters anymore), Will you stop running running red-lights now? – 132 new traffic cameras are coming to the District, Marion Barry’s son gets in hot (bong? too soon?) water, 6 days until #DCFEST, We hope you played PYT loudly on Thursday in the King of Pop’s honor, Watch this now, 20 and happy in DC, ARF ARF GRR, It’s Labor Day so naturally we are out of town, but for the rest of you can get your #twerk on here this weekend.