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Last night FamousDC kicked off the summer right with 300 of DC’s finest folks. We had a great time with all the hill staff, K Streeters, comms people, reporters, special guest Chris Hughes and more at Sidecar @ P.J. Clarkes. The food was delicious, the drinks were refreshing and the night was fun. We hope to see you at the next one.

Huge thanks to our sponsors, The New Republic, Qorvis, and Uber for making last night happen and a major shoutout to Emily Hines at Sidecar for making sure the evening went perfectly.

Famously Spotted: Rebecca Mark, Brittney Dunkins, Peter Cherukuri, Evan Burfield, Ida Rosenthal, Alex Gould, Caroline Baccarosse, Emily Hines, Alejandra Owens, Laetitia Brock, Robbie, Nika Nour, Nika’s awesome mom, Mike Lurie, Josh Shultz, Amos Snead, Robyn Shultz, Ed Mullen, Brian Johnson, Will Ruiz, Edward Saatchi, Judy Kurtz, Erica Elliott, Brea MacIsaac, Nathan Imperiale, Louisa Imperiale, Ryan Howell, Tyrone Gayle, Justin Herman, Emil Caillaux, Ashley Wolos, Zach Olson, Georgette Spanjich, Chris Droukas, Bob Brennan, Chris Hughes, Abby Matousek, Jeremy Art, Tim Cameron, Jose Morales, Allison Cunningham, Richard Cunningham, Lauren Pratapas, Kelly Cobb, Kaitlyn Buss, Brendan Lepow, Natasha Federova, Mark Drapeau, Marie Formica, Katie Prill, Mary Leschper, Chris Golden, Alex Priest, Matt Lauer, Archie Smart, Justin LoFranco, Victoria Bosselman, and Brian Goodrich just to name a few spotted in the crowd last night.

Didn’t get an invite? You can fix that right here.

We’d show you photos of the event, but then we’d have to kill you. So here’s a sneak peak of what the entrance to Sidecar looks like in case you need a cool bar with great service and delicious sliders.