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The sun finally came out yesterday and just in time for FamousDC’s happy hour at Top of the Hill where we had a rockin’ good time with some of the Hill’s & K Street’s finest. We even spotted some of the press making their way to the free-flowing drinks. Scroll down to see pictures of last night’s party or see all of the photos here..

Major thanks to our sponsors Resonate, DISCUS, American Beverage Association, Strategic Action Public Affairs, Story Partners & NJI Media for making events like last night happen and for sending their awesome people to add to the fun.

Famously Spotted: Abby Matousek, Amos Snead, Jackie Kucinich, Ashley Berrang, Adrienn Moudy,Brittany Horowitz, Brittney Dunkins, Carrie Couture, Chloe Fedyna, Challee Stefani, Chase Clanahan, Christian Jorgensen, Christina DeGennaro, Christine Driscoll, Andrew Fullerton, Alex Key, Stephen Sandora, Ed Levandoski, Devon Rodonets, Danielle Varallo, Ed Mullen, Eric Getzinger, Liz Eddy, Elizabeth Chmurak, Emil Caillaux, Michael Byerly, Andy Duberstein, Kristen Isabelli, Allison Jaslow, Remley Johnson, Thomas Lamberti, E. D. Harris, Pearson Holt, Georgette Spanjich, Hayley Midford, Michael Kaplan, Michael Ferraguto, Michael Moroney, Mollie Reilly, Nancy Richardson, Natasha Rudnick, Nika Nour, Caroline Holman, Hannah Flint, Jeffrey Hubbard, Jacob Wood, Jeremy Art, Jim Billimoria, Joanna Mairno, Joanna Roberts, Jocelyn Rogers, Abby Livingston, Alison McQuade, Alison Brown, Allison Brennan, Williams Mullen, Shanna Lawrie, Ashley Mancheni, Drew Felz, April Johnson, Allison Cunningham, Ashley Codianni, Benjamin Schorr, Jonathan Weisman, Justin Herman, Katherine Russo, Kate Hunter, Katy Crosby, Kayle Barnes, Kia Scipio,Lauren Tyler, Marie Formica, Mark Bryant, Marta Hernandez, Matthew Hawkins, Matthew Vredenburgh, Matthew Gruppo, Melissa Chambers, Kevin Maljak, Kristina Peterson, Lindsay Bealor, Lucy Crowley, Betsy Barrett, Bettina Inclan, Bryan Palmer, Chelsea Barnett, Michael Byerly, Paige Lavender, Paige Helling, Pat Manion, Patrick Dowd, Aly Casey, Robert Flock, Richard Cunningham, Robin Millican, Roxana Tiron, Philip Swartzfager to name a few enjoying themselves at the FamousDC happy hour last night.

Didn’t get an invite? You can fix that right here.

April Showers Bring May #HappyHours

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-024

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-101

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-046

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-099

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-086

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-085

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-056

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-060

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-083

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-004

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-045

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-011

May 9, 2013Famous DC- Ben Droz-009

All of the photos were taken by the awesome Ben Droz, an event photographer who has worked with all of DC’s top publications and can be seen behind the lens at many of the district’s best events. Check out his site and follow him on twitter.