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This year we had a great time playing media sponsor to Ball on the Mall. Put on by the Trust for the National Mall (made famous by Jon Stewart’s Rally), each year brings out DC’s finest – from District celebs to A-list politicos; from star reporters to PR pros; artists to socialites. Ball on the Mall has a knack for throwing a great party that brings everyone together as we all have one thing in common: this city and the amazing things living in the Nation’s capital gives us. Also, not only is it a good cause, but it’s one of the most unique locations. Time and time again folks make the rounds to their usual party stops, but rarely (outside of hooka night in college) to people dance on the National Mall. It’s like partying on the quad, but for adults.

All fun aside, we were happy to partner with the Trust for the National Mall and hope to see it happen with as much style next year. See you then.

Special shout out to Lara Aulestia for including us this year and making it all happen.

Famously Spotted: Greg’s List, Emil Caillaux, Alex Priest, Chris Golden, Miranda Gale, Shana Glickfield, Daniel Swartz, Tommy McFly, Kelly Collis, Angie Goff, KC Sledd, Cedar Restaurant, Kristen Michele, Alex Gagne, Cloture Club, District Sparkle and so many more.