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Brunch – A combination of the words for breakfast and lunch which combines some of the features of both and is served mid-morning.

It is thought that the term “brunch” first appeared in 1896 in the British magazine Punch. The article, which referred to a combination breakfast and lunch Guy Beringer of the defunct Hunter’s Weekly had for guests after a morning of hunting, went on to say, “To be fashionable nowadays, we must brunch.”

And, how true that statement turned out to be! “Brunching” became popular in the U.S. in the 1930s and since then, the interest has intensified.

The nation’s capitol has several delicious options for brunch. Here are my top five, including honorable mentions and picks for bottomless brunches (a do-not miss!).

Honorable Mentions: Acadiana, Cafe Atlantico, Carlyle, Eatonville, Harry’s Tap Room, Kramerbooks, Logan Tavern, Matisse, Napoleon Bistro, Open City, Rosemary’s Thyme, Tabard Inn, Tunnicliff’s, Vinoteca

Bottomless Brunch Mentions: Argonaut, Beacon Bar and Grill, Ben’s Next Door, POV at the W, Urbana, 18th Amendment.

Enjoy…and *Brunch Hard*