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While both sides of the aisle argue about our nation’s safety, and the monumental importance of our national security- Republicans seem to be making a better case as to why the Democrats are not taking it seriously.  And the proof is in what happened [or didn’t happen] on the House Floor this week when it came to addressing FISA.

Speaker Pelosi, who has successfully mangled the “message,” claims Democrats simply need “time to do it” – as if they hadn’t seen this coming for months.

“Congress procrastinated until the eve of the August recess when — despite the outcries of the liberal media (the New York Times, again, and others) — it passed a fix to the problem with a six-month sunset provision built in. Democrats were forced to accept the short-term extension because they wouldn’t agree to a provision that would give telecommunications companies immunity from civil lawsuits based on their good-faith cooperation with the government.” [Human Events]

Senator Clinton, who wants to be your Commander in Chief, was a no show on the Senate floor this week when it came to our national security, although she was in-town campaigning. reyesheartsclinton.JPGreyesheartsclinton.JPG

Perhaps even more damming -the fact that the House Chairman on Intelligence didn’t even manage to show up for the entire work week – even though FISA was front and center and his responsibility.

Rep. Sylvester Reyes, who should’ve been on the House Floor working with both sides of the aisle, instead spent part of his week down in Texas sharing the campaign stage with Hillary Clinton.

Yet, we’re supposed to believe the Democrats are taking FISA seriously?  reyesheartsclinton.JPGreyesheartsclinton.JPG

No wonder they need more “time to do it” – they’re too busy attending weddings and yucking it up on the campaign trail.  

UPDATE: Here are the votes Intelligence Chairman Reyes missed on FISA while hanging with Hillary in the Lonestar state.

1) Previous Question: Republican vote to offer the Senate’s FISA bill (Roll Call 48)
2) Reconsider Previous Question (Roll Call 49)
3) Rule: Make in order the 21-day extension (Roll Call 50)
4) Reconsider Rule (Roll Call 51)